Ex Girlfriend Still Calls And Texts Me – What Does It Mean

Phone calls… text messages… these things were part of your daily life while you were dating your girlfriend. But what if she’s still calling and texting you after the breakup? And what if she was the one who initiated the breakup in the first place?

Does it mean your ex still loves you? Does she want you back? Or is she really just texting you to say hello, or calling you to see what’s up?

Well, in all honesty you’d be pretty naive to think all this ex girlfriend contact means nothing. A girl who broke up with you totally wouldn’t want much to do with you afterward. The fact that she’s still keeping in touch, even after breaking up, actually means something pretty important.

Understand something: a girl dumps you for very specific reasons. Most of the time, these reasons include a desire to go on without you. Yet here, your ex is still trying to keep the lines of communication open. By text-messaging, emailing, or calling you on the phone, your ex girlfriend is actually saying “Don’t go away just yet”.

Is she ready to get back together right now, at this very moment? Probably not. But simultaneously, she’s also not ready

Does True Love Have To Be Unconditional

When we put conditions on love, is it really love at all? Isn’t something less than unconditional love only a nice arrangement, a pleasant situation dependent upon specific conditions? When we make love conditional, we are stopping short of achieving love in its truest form.

When we love, do we not embrace everything about the person? Do we love the person or a set of behaviors? Do we love the arrangement or the soul, itself, which has merged with our own? And when we proclaim love for a person, are we not meant to be proclaiming something that is never-ending?

Most people do show unconditional love to their children. We might discard lovers or spouses, but never children. Yet that fact is interesting because romantic love asks for all of us while parenthood requires only parts of us.

“Modern-thinking” people so easily sneer at those traditional marriage vows, “For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, until death do we part.” These days people tend to agree that such a notion is quaint; that to walk away from a relationship when things “don’t work out” is the right thing to do. These same people will never love in the truest sense because

love Is An Obsession

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How A Woman’s Eyes Can Tell You Your Dating Success With Her

The eyes are the one window of communication that offer you gestures, emotions, and even a hint of truth if you know how to really watch them and understand the way a woman uses her eyes. They say that the eyes can tell you whether a woman is lying, whether she is sexually attracted to you, or whether or not you are with someone with integrity.

When a woman indicates with her eyes that she is either interested in meeting you or interested in something about you, she knows how to be subtle, how to gather the information she needs in order to determine whether you are grabbing her attention. It’s a slight movement and so many guys miss the indicating factor. Often a woman will notice something about you, their eyes will make a quick and ascertaining flick downward toward whatever it is about you that they are curious about. Most guys miss this slight action, but they don’t miss the inevitable eye contact that follows a woman’s initial interest.

Eye contact can give you so much information as you are meeting and getting to know a woman. Some women will indicate early on that they are a heartache waiting to

Bring Your Ex Back Without A Love Spell

Love can come in many degrees, but if you truly understand love, you will never be without it. Love has no reason.

Love has no beginning or ending, it is eternal, which makes it the most powerful force known to man. This is the reason why it can hurt and wound so deeply.

Love is a feeling that gets expressed through emotions. Thus, you must be aware of your emotions when dealing with love.

When a couple is in love, their emotions seem to be in sync. When their emotions are not in sync, problems may arise.

To maintain a healthy love, communication is a vital life force of that love because it brings forth an understanding. When communication is lost or unclear, feelings and emotions are not in sync and the love shared between a couple is put on the line.

When a person in a loving relationship decides to cheat, they go through a number of emotions that get transmitted to their lover subconsciously. The guilt they feel may be transmitted to their lover in the form of insecurity, their pleasure with another person may cause their partner to feel a sense of suspicion, etc.

With what ever feeling it may be, those unfamiliar,